Advanced 3-D CAD systems.
Finite element modeling and analysis systems. Static, modal, dynamic, heat transfer, composites etc. with ANSYS®.
Composite design, analysis and manufacturing facilities for pre-preg, vacuum
Infusion and hand lamination (Autoclave, vacuum equipment, ovens etc.).
Stress, strain, acceleration, displacement, temperature, pressure and vibration data acquisition and post processing systems equipped for measurement and analysis over a wide frequency range.
High accuracy three-dimensional measurement of large structures with high accuracy digital theodolites.
Advanced NC manufacturing machinery (HAAS).
Advanced CAM systems (MASTERCAM).


With over 34 years in the Mechanics, Materials and Structures industry MMS is able to provide a full in-house design service. With proficiency in computer aided design, engineering simulation and hand calculations MMS is able to complete almost any design project that one can think of.


With a technical director with a master’s in engineering and 4 technical engineers MMS is able to develop any project from almost any stage in the design process, from concept generation to manufacturing.


With proficiency in one of the best engineering simulation software suites available, ANSYS, MMS is able to provide a detailed analysis of almost any component/assembly for which there exists a CAD design. These simulation results are then compared to hand calculations to ensure that the software's results are in the expected region.


With a full suite of HAAS machinery and a waterjet cutting table MMS is able to manufacture almost any component that one can dream of. MMS also specializes in composite manufacturing enabling us to make stronger and lighter components than ever before.