MMS was found in 1986 and is an abbreviation for Mechanics, Materials and Structures. As our name implies, MMS Technology is a partner to industry specializing in two fields :

  • Consulting in the Mechanical and Structural Engineering field.

  • Design, development and production of high technology mechanical components and products utilizing traditional metallic materials as well as advanced materials such as composites materials.

The company’s principal aim and activities in these fields are:

  •    Design and analysis.

  •    Product development.

  •    Production of prototypes.

  •    Optimization of designs and machinery.

  •    Manufacture of composite parts and systems.

  •    Manufacture of metallic components and systems.

MMS currently has two facilities, the head office in Centurion, South Africa, and a satellite branch in Cape Town, South Africa. Our staff complement consist of several engineers, technicians, artisans, factory workers and administrative staff.