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MMS 19Tube Rocket Launcher MMS 19Tube Rocket Launcher - Analysis
MMS 19Tube Rocket Launcher - Testing MMS 19Tube Rocket Launcher - Testing
MMS 19Tube Rocket Launcher to crate German Tiger Helicopter Equipped with one MMS 19-Tube and two MMS 7 Tube Rocket Launchers

A series of lightweight composite rocket launchers (19-Tube, 12-Tube and 7-Tube) was developed and are produced by MMS Technology. This development was under contract and in collaboration with Forges de Zeebrugge, a Belgian rocket manufacturer.  

Strict military design processes was followed during the development of this complex composite product, including a full testing program according to Military Standard 810H.  

Low mass is of utmost importance in helicopter applications. The mass of the 19 tube variant of the rocket launcher was reduced from the current 76kg for an aluminium rocket launcher to a mass of 38kg for the composite rocket launcher.

The launchers are currently in use by the German BWB on the Tiger helicopter as well as by Spain, Australia & Brunei on their respective platforms.


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