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MMS Services

MMS Technology has the following in-house facilities:

  • Advanced 3-D CAD systems.
  • Finite element modeling and analysis systems. Static, modal, dynamic, heat transfer, composites etc. with ANSYS®.
  • Composite design, analysis and manufacturing facilities for pre-preg, vacuum
  • Infusion and hand lamination (Autoclave, vacuum equipment, ovens etc.).
  • Stress, strain, acceleration, displacement, temperature, pressure and vibration data acquisition and post processing systems equipped for measurement and analysis over a wide frequency range.
  • High accuracy three-dimensional measurement of large structures with high accuracy digital theodolites directly linked to computers running CAD.
  • Advanced NC manufacturing machinery (HAAS).
  • Advanced CAM systems (MASTERCAM).
  • Rapid prototyping. (Z-Corp 3-D printing).
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