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MMS Technology

MMS is an abbreviation for Mechanics, Materials and Structures. As our name implies, MMS Technology is a partner to industry specialising in two fields:

  • Consulting in the Mechanical and Structural Engineering field.
  • Design, development and production of composite material, metallic and medical components and complete products.
 The company’s principal aim and activities in these fields are:
  • Design and analysis.
  • Product development.
  • Production of prototypes.
  • Optimisation of designs and machinery.
  • Production of composite parts and systems.
  • Manufacture of metallic components and systems.
  • Production of medical components

MMS Technology has been involved in over two thousand projects since its inception. The best way of demonstration the capabilities of MMS Technology is to present some of the projects that have been completed over the past number of years typifying our capabilities.

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